We offer a comprehensive range of alloy wheel refurbishment and powder coating services in a wide variety of colour choices/finishes. To ensure the highest quality results, we only use German materials specifically used in the alloy wheel industry for wheel manufacturers such as BBS & Ronal. 
All budgets are catered for, see below to find your perfect service and more information on the process.



The very first thing we do is put your wheels onto our wheel balancer, this will allow us to check if your wheels are straight or buckled, if they are buckled we will inform you of this prior to continuing. We do offer wheel a wheel straightening service at an additional cost. We then remove the tyres from the wheels along with the valve and balancing weights. If you have Tyre Pressure Sensors, these will also be safely removed and reinstalled on completion. A visual inspection on the wheel is also carried out to check for any cracks that are present, welding can be done at an additional cost, please note we do not offer a guarantee to welding, we would recommend for you to buy a new/used wheel.


The wheels are then completely submerged in a chemical stripping tank which removes all the paint from the wheel. After the wheels are stripped of the paint they are then washed to decontaminate the wheel. They are then visually inspected again to check for any cracks that may have been hard to see while there was paint on the wheel.


Any kerb damage is removed. The wheels are then shot blasted which removes as much corrosion as possible. Please note we shot blast the whole wheel, not just the face. Shot blasting also keys the surface of the wheel which creates the best possible surface for the painting process. The wheels are then thoroughly washed.


The wheels are placed in our oven and the back pad of the wheel is masked prior to painting to ensure no paint goes on the back pad of the wheel. The majority of the colours we use (not all) require us to follow a ‘three coat system’ (but this is dependant on the colour you choose).  Some of the colours, mainly candy metallic colours require a four coat system. Firstly the whole wheel gets powder coated with a primer, once primered, the wheel is placed into our oven to cure. 


Once cured, we allow the wheel to cool down to the correct temperature and then the face of the wheel is then wet sprayed the colour of your choice, once wet sprayed the wheel is placed back into our oven to cure the paint.


Once the wet paint has cured, the final stage of the process is lacquering, the face is then powder coat acrylic lacquered, acrylic lacquer is the best lacquer on the market and the most durable. Our main supplier for our wet paint and powder coat is a German brand called Freilacke. Freilacke’s products are designed for the use on alloy wheels. Once the wheel has cured we visually inspect the wheel to ensure it meets our high standards. We then carefully refit your tyres (dependant on which service you have choose) and balance all four wheels. The wheels that have been painted in dark colours we carry black balancing weights and for the lighter colours we carry grey balancing weights.



Our Bronze Service is for people who would just like to drop their wheels into us with no tyres, have their wheels fully refurbished and have no tyres fitted. You drop the wheels into us with no tyres, we will chemically strip your wheels, shot blast, remove any kerbing and paint/powder coat your wheels. Your wheels will be then ready for collection.


Our Silver Service is aimed at people who would like to drop their wheels into us off their vehicle. You drop your wheels and tyres into us, we will remove your tyres from your wheels, labeling your tyres up with your name. We remove the valve along with the balancing weights. Your wheels will be chemically stripped, shot blasted, kerbing removed and  painted/powder coated. Your tyres will be refitted, all four wheels will be balanced. 


Our Gold Service is the most complete service we offer and is a no hassle service for you. This includes us fitting a set of our wheels and tyres to your vehicle while your wheels are been fully refurbished. We will remove your tyres from wheels, labeling your tyres up with your name and car registration. We remove the valve along with the balancing weights. Your wheels will be chemically stripped, shot blasted, painted/powder coated. Your tyres will be refitted, all four wheels will be balanced and fitted back on to your car.



With 27 years experience, Wheelmania Tuning truly will supply you with the best possible refurbishment service. No colour or job is too big therefore get in touch today!
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